What is List Girl?
List Girl is a space where I document how I organise my life—analog, digital and spatial to clear out mental spaces and in turn, live and work as efficient as I could.
It is also the the sole authorized distributor of Mossery in the Philippines. All orders go through the Mossery Philippines shop. Basically, List Girl is in charge of marketing and logistics in the Philippines.

Who is List Girl?
List Girl is a one-girl team who goes by the name Mariel. On paper (a.k.a. if there’s a need to restrict her in a box), she works full time as an IT Account Manager. Read more here.

I have a question about Mossery Philippines.
For order or product related inquiry, you may e-mail us at hello@listgirl.co.
For partnerships or sponsorships, you may e-mail us at partnerships@listgirl.co.
Alternatively, you may also send a private message on our Mossery Philippines Facebook or Instagram page. Or visit our FAQ page on the site. It’s very thorough!