The List Girl

Organization extraordinaire, nothing lights up my eyes than talking about the particulars of a good planner and organization system. I have always been a bad multitasker but I couldn’t help not to do multiple things at once. List Girl is a space where I document how I organise my life—analog, digital and spatial to clear out mental spaces and in turn, live and work as efficient as I could.

Intentional Living, Functional Planning and Organization.

The List Girl Credo is Intentional Living. Being deliberate with how I lead my life helps me minimize the risks I take and allow me to really go after what I want. It aligns what I do, how I do them, what I support, and everything I allow in my life with my values and sense of self. I can take full accountability for my actions and decisions because I give careful assessment of their implications before making them.
I believe Functional Planning and Organization are prerequisites to living intentionally. The process of planning and organization with a premium in function involves a lot of structured self-actualization.


A good planner should not keep me between pages. It is meant to supplement my life, not be it. It can be pretty but it doesn’t have to be. Ultimately, planners should serve me and not the other way around.


Digital apps must be kept at a minimum. They should also sync across all my devices and complement one another, allowing little to no redundancy.


I keep only what is essential to me and curtail my accumulation. Each of what I own must have a strategic place dedicated for them to allow me to streamline my mundane.

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