Digital Setup of My Hybrid Organization System

Ha! The second episode of my Organization System series… after more than a year. 😅 I gave some sort of explanation on why it took this long on the last List Girl newsletter HERE if anybody’s interested.

I call my Organisation System my OS because OS can also stand for Operating System. And how well I organize my life determines how I operate as well. I keep an analog bullet journal and this entire setup, I would call its digital Future Log It’s also a bird’s eye view of my Second Brain–how I no longer keep things in my head, and still remember everything!

Snapshot of my Digital OS Workflow

Email Client: Spark

  • View all my inboxes at one glance
  • View my inboxes individually/separately
  • Alternate Sending As between multiple emails, including aliases
  • Alternate between multiple signatures with ease
  • Have a calendar within the email client
  • Integrate with different conferencing tools especially Zoom
  • BONUS: Move email messages from one account to another with just drag and drop

Events: Fantastical

  • Seamless calendar account switching
  • Treats all accounts as equal
  • Allow overwriting of calendars, even Apple iCal
  • BONUS: Allow color-coding

Tasks: Todoist (Integrated with Fantastical)

  • Different Project Lists for various use case
  • Integrated to my Calendar app of choice
  • Tasks can be ticked off within the Calendar app
  • BONUS: Schedule tasks by the hour and not just by the day

Notes: Notion

All notes go to my Note-taking app of choice to be filtered among the following categories:

  1. Notes: Thoughts
  2. Journal: Emotions
  3. Draft: Literary materials I’ve written
  4. Prompts: For journaling or writing
  5. References: Third-party information

Content Calendar: Notion

  • Drafts and References can be related to Content and/or Series
  • Break down series into multiple contents
  • Input of Content Idea/s directly to the Content Calendar

Personal Finance: Wallet by Budgetbakers

  • Expense Tracking
  • Import data from Expense Tracker app to Budgeting Spreadsheet
  • Budgeting
  • Budgeted vs. Actual Spending Comparison
  • Input wishlist items as one-off budget items

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