The best things, if you’re not used to them, still take some getting used to.


Recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of changes in my life. Big ticket items are my job, schedule, and workout sessions. I consider them positive changes but as a Taurus who’s very fond of having a routine and ordering the usual from the menu, they’re all something I need to exert an effort adjusting to.

On quitting and getting jobs

Last June, I quit my job. To be honest, I never really saw myself staying in that company for more than 5 years but I also did not plan to leave as early as I did. I was doing well and had a good relationship with my superiors and was really just casually browsing what’s out there. Just for the sake of knowing. But a door opened for me and it turned out to be an opportunity so good I cannot turn down, and so I didn’t.

Because I had a lot of leaves left (they weren’t cash convertible) to use up, I rendered very quickly as soon as I handed my resignation letter. It gave me almost 3 weeks to myself which allowed me to transition physically, psychologically, and emotionally. I’m grateful that because I was given time to rest and recuperate (in that order and not simultaneously, like how it should be), I have the energy and headspace to enjoy the rest of the transition period.

Shifting to Eastern Time

A little over 30 days after I resigned, I started with my new job which was on a night shift. I have always been on a day shift (even with this particular job that made me render overtime work until 2-3am, lol) so this is very new to me. I won’t consider it a negative, though, because I hate waking up early and could stay up until the wee hours of the morning watching a series on Netflix or working on a passion project I feel pumped to finish.

But being a night owl and having your schedule shift completely 180 degrees are two different things. So while I look forward to that, I knew I had to prepare for it. I bought melatonin to help me sleep, which is a problem I have even on a day shift, just to assist me in reversing my body clock. I also plan out my days and announce to the entire household when it’s my time to sleep so they don’t disturb me or barge into my room. My dogs, however, are a different story.

At the moment, I’m still experimenting and sleep has been consistently erratic. Since I start my shift at 9 in the evening and end at 6am the next day, I planned to simply operate the rest of the day in that timezone. But sometimes, I end my shift early and feel compelled to use that time to get some sleep. But then it will fuck up the rest of my day.

Injecting workouts

Case in point: I enrolled myself in a virtual workout session right before I resigned. I’m not the fittest person. Growing up, I have always been very slim and had a fast metabolism. I wasn’t lean, fit or strong, but the beauty standards when we’re younger aren’t concerned about that. So I invested mostly in culture than in exercise. Sure, I tried indoor cycling, boxing, and working out by myself and with a friend but they didn’t really stick. The most I did was jog regularly during my college years and I wasn’t even strict about that. 

For the workout sessions, ideally, I should have a set schedule every week for them. But with my days looking different since I resigned, I needed time before I could commit to any. One time, I even pulled through a workout session despite having little to no sleep and felt like throwing up in the middle of the session. Good thing, my coach was able to adjust to my pace and assisted me on what to do to keep the session going at the state I was in.

Afterwards, she advised me to get good sleep and eat at least an hour before our session. And so aside from figuring out my schedule around my new work shift, I also had to take workout and mealtime into account. Crazy. I couldn’t do anything else for the first two weeks aside from being asleep and being awake. And when I say this, I mean, there were times I had to make it a point to be awake. So that I could sleep at the right time, won’t feel weak and light-headed during workouts, and wouldn’t feel sleepy during my shift.

Work-wise, there’s no struggle. I’m still getting a hang of the company culture just because I’m used to different things, but I honestly think they suit me better. We have a self-service system from HR to IT in my new company whereas, there were always people to pull aside for every single concern in my previous companies. We also do not need to log in or out, or inform our managers we’re taking a break or stepping out, etc. for as long as we manage our time well and finish our deliverables. If there’s nothing else left for the day, like a deadline or a meeting, we can finish our shift early. By ourselves, no heads up. The JD is pretty similar since I’m still in IT, still in Sales, still have quotas to meet. But in here, I’m not expected to be deep into product knowledge. That’s always a plus in any company but here, we’re encouraged to point clients to the right direction as much as possibl, which I’ve always thought is the efficient way to go. Be that as it may, they’re still intensive on trainings as I have a 6-week course as a new sales rep, and have another course of training for the rest of my first year.

All of these among other positive things. I hope you’re reading this with as much enthusiasm as I have in my head. I know I don’t plan on staying in the corporate world for majority of my life, (read: 20 years or more, or until retirement), but I feel like I found my corporate soulmate and that this might be the best it could get for me in terms of the corporate world. But even then, when you’re used to substandard, mediocre or crappy (or even good things that are not just the best fit), the best things will still take some getting used to. I’m taking time and enjoying unlearning, though.

Anyway, that is it. I just felt the need to write this down because I keep taking down mental notes, which makes it seem, at least to me, that there’s a lot going on. Excuse my run-on sentences, my thought process is very fast and this is almost exactly how I talk inside my head. If you’ve ever had to navigate something similar, tips are welcome!

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