Men are from Earth, and so are Women


Growing up, I was taught that men are more sexual than women. They are visual beings, which is why as women, we ought to help them turn away from temptations by dressing modestly. We have temptations of our own, but it’s nothing compared to theirs. Nothing could be any further from the truth.

Women are shamed for the things men do to them. It’s just nature. When an attractive woman have a string of people lining up for them, it’s because she made them like her, seduced them. She is made accountable for the actions and thoughts of men they’re not even held responsible for. You sell what you advertise is what they say for exposed skin the fabric forgot to cover. You cannot show what you don’t want them ogling at or grabbing. It’s basically saying if you do not cover this part of the skin, it’s for all the men’s taking. But they will not phrase it that way.

We are shamed for having sexual urges or masturbating, when it’s “understandable” for men to have and do. Conquerors, men should be the first explorers of our body. They should be the first to know certain places  on it, even before us. I am a lady only when I do not express myself sexually. But I should still be sexual. Naughty in the sheets. So that I am not a prude. Have the right amount of sexuality, so I can be viable, attractive enough for a man’s pleasure. Suppressed, until a man agrees I am worthy and marries me.

And for the same reason, no one believes men when they experience harassment. It cannot be harassment if he enjoyed it, which he’s supposed to. He’s a man. Is he gay? Shouldn’t he think he’s lucky?

How shameful have we become.

This is for all the women
The earth bellowed when she birthed us
We are intense, she cannot help it
She screamed, to announce to all of her
That we have arrived
So that we do not have to live in silence, muted

This is for all the women
You are not sinful for not being ladylike
For having urges you’re not supposed to have
For wanting and liking
What you are taught to be men’s

The earth said they do not own anything
So their experience can be our experience
If we want to

Do not be ashamed
Even though they shame you

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