I launched List Girl


Just a quick letter before I sleep tonight. I just want to say that I’m still on a high right now. It’s mostly from being surrounded with really supportive friends and acquaintances. People I didn’t think would ping me have done so lately—to encourage me, congratulate me (I feel weird with this!), or say they liked what they saw.

Actually, I just had my first inquiry for a commissioned work on branding/ marketing/ design… Honestly, I’m not too sure because I quickly turned it down and referred someone I’m sure would bring quality to the table. I feel like if I’m going to accept a job, I need to be able to do a hundred percent. I doubt I have the resources or the skills to give someone their money’s worth at this point in time and in that aspect, ya know.

But I’m still ecstatic and flattered. All I did was put up a blog, albeit a little extra. As a Taurus, you know it’s either I go big or go home. And the response is well, not overwhelming (I could handle more! Please keeping sharing! Haha), but really touching. I didn’t really think it would feel this good to put myself out there. I’m nervous and on my toes but also really kilig.

So if you’d like to work on something but are a little afraid of what others might say, just go do it. There will be naysayers, people who have no real joy in the world but to mock others for trying, people who will be sarcastic. And gahhh, it’s such a nice feeling to have no care about them. Nan. Zero. Nada. So put yourself out there and just bask in the heights of your emotions while you’re at it. I promise there are 10 times more people who would like to see you win. No good person goes off seeing others miserable.

Anyway, I do not know Marketing as extensively as my peers in the industry, but one thing I learned in B2C sales is to shamelessly self-promote. People have to know what you’re up to if getting the word out will benefit your business. And you need to do so repetitively and relentlessly for brand recall. So before I end this letter:

If stationery, journaling, organization and decluttering are some of the things that interest you, please give me a follow! If not, perhaps you could share to a niece or a younger sib who likes to journal? Here are the links:

LISTGIRL.COFacebook | Instagram | Twitter

Goodnight! I hope I wake up in the same side of the bed I will sleep tonight. 😌

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