The Best Compliment


“Everytime I watch Gilmore Girls,” Dana shared. “I remember you. It’s Mariel’s personality in a TV series.

Aww, that’s so nice. Not a lot of people take note of that about me.” It’s true. I would tell people about my love for Gilmore Girls—the show and the mother-daughter tandem, not the TV movie—and it will just pass by most people’s ears. Maybe it’s not to their taste. Fast-talking, caffeine-dependent female leads who throw infinite pop culture references in the small, almost dreamy, town of Stars Hollow and its eccentric habitants. I kind of like not everybody like and know about it. I mean, what does it say about me if I’m everybody’s cup of tea? A tad bit shameful, I presume.

You, Dana,” trying to return the favor, “are Sex and the City. And all of them!
I truly have never met anyone who personify the sweetheart Bradshaw, the badass Samantha, the quintessential Charlotte, and the girlboss Miranda all at once. It was almost like a lightbulb moment realizing this. She tells me Rizza, her girlfriend, says the exact same thing about her and we roar in laughter.

This is by far my favorite compliment. Not only is it flattering to be compared to my favorite TV series of all time, it also showed how much Dana pay attention to my interests and preferences, especially pop culture wise. (I love media consumption!) Lots of people will just run me by the things they know and like, not by what they know I know and like. And it’s nice that our friendship means I could do the same thing to her.

This is the first instalment of my ‘a paragraph a day’ project, where I try to write at least one paragraph everyday. No outlines. No letting things sit in my drafts. No proofreads. Just write… even shit. The most important thing is I’m writing.

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