List Girl

Organization extraordinaire, nothing lights up my eyes than talking about the particulars of a good planner and organization system.


A good planner should not keep me between pages. It is meant to supplement my life, not be it. It can be pretty but it doesn’t have to be. Ultimately, planners should serve me and not the other way around.



Digital apps must be kept at a minimum. They should also sync across all my devices and complement one another, allowing little to no redundancy.



I keep only what is essential to me and curtail my accumulation. Each of what I own must have a strategic place dedicated for them to allow me to streamline my mundane.


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  • Organization System: Pet Closet and Storage

    Pets have got to be more than live toys up for display or guard dogs. They’re family. Not only do they get a designated area in the house, their stuff do, too. So in this article, I will let you in on my pet organization system. More

  • Men are from Earth, and so are Women

    Growing up, I was taught that men are more sexual than women. They are visual beings, which is why as women, we ought to help them turn away from temptations by dressing modestly. We have temptations of our own, but it’s nothing compared to theirs. Nothing could be any further from the truth. More

  • Listicle: 10 YouTube Recommendations for an Intentional Life

    Depending on the channels that you follow, you could use it as a tool for self-improvement and learning, too. So while Intentional Living is a broad subject to take on, it’s just broad enough for different YouTubers to touch on. Here’s a list of my top 10 YouTube recommendations that help me lead an intentional life: More

  • Affirmations for the Too Much

    At 25, I am the Most Me I have ever been. I feel like a fruit in season, a flower in bloom. Nature peaking resides in me. Other people who feel they might be too much for other people come to me, maybe they won’t be too much for me. Which I like. More

  • Organization System: Analog

    Although I sketch on my journals from time to time, I still put a premium on function. I want my planner to serve me, not the other way around. I just make sure to keep a clean layout so it’s easy with the eyes. Over the years, there are staple pages that I keep on my planner no matter the format. More

  • We built a memorial out of Starbucks

    Naturally, the place has become a memorial of when we were still starting to fall in love. I don’t like visiting the place but I like knowing there exist a physical structure that represents a period in our timeline together somewhere—I’m sorry, was that too mushy? I realized I’ve never told anyone the gory details of our love story and it’s uncharacteristic of me to be this chummy and happy. But it’s romance anyway so I guess a cringefest is in order. More